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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I had a fantastic experience. I decided to not go with dealer service based on the amazing reviews for Shawnee Station Automotive and was not disappointed. The staff provide terrific service and are fully transparent about pricing and exactly what work items need to be performed. In my case, both control arms and drive axles needed to be replaced. The work was done to perfection and the alignment has the car tracking as straight as an arrow. On top of that, there is a 24 month warranty for the work. I will definitely be back for future work on either of our cars. This is a perfect example of how to run a business with integrity and quality service.


Geoff is the best mechanic I have come across- he is extremely knowledgeable and has done a lot of work for me, my family and friends. Bring him a problem- old or new, he will determine what is wrong, give you an opinion and fix it. If you are looking for a good reasonable mechanic- by the way, they are hard to find, I would suggest Geoff to anyone. Geoff rebuilt our classic bug from the ground up- paint, interior, suspension, engine and it looks and rides better than when it was new. Awesome job Geoff- thanks for everything. A truly beautiful classic ride. Cheers.


We took our car to get new brakes. Geoff called us and said we didn’t need new brakes. He just needed to do a thorough cleaning as there was rust buildup because we don’t drive it much. He saved as over $700.00. When we went to pick up the car an interior light was left on and the battery was dead. They kept it overnight on a charger and did detailing both inside and out. Geoff delivered it to our house. They are very honest and thorough in any work they do. Thank you Geoff and all your staff. We really appreciate all you have done in these trying times. ❤️❤️❤️


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Looking for vehicle services in SW Calgary? Shawnee Station Automotive NAPA Autopro is here to assist with every service that you may need. Our team has years of experience, and we will do everything possible to help you keep your car on the road day in and day out.

Whether you’re looking for a car alignment, you need an auto electrician to deal with your car’s computer, or you need a muffler shop to fix that loud thump you’ve been hearing, we’re here for you. Here’s a look at some of the services we offer for drivers in SW Calgary.

Mufflers and Exhaust Systems

Your exhaust system is the part of your vehicle that dampens your engine sound, while also taking any noxious fumes (specifically, carbon monoxide) from your engine and depositing them out the rear of your vehicle.

Our exhaust shop knows systems of every car currently on the market, which allows us to help diagnose problems and do the necessary repairs or replacements so that your vehicle is safe to drive.

We can also take care of regular maintenance of your system. The pros at our muffler shop can check that your mounts are safe, evaluate your oxygen sensors, check for rust and wear, and take care of other tasks so your exhaust system works as it should to keep you safe.

Oil and Transmission Fluid Changes

There are many fluids that go through your vehicle, and your vehicle counts on those fluids so that it can run efficiently and prevent damage. Two essential pieces of regular maintenance are oil changes and transmission fluid changes.

Our oil changes include replacing oil filters, refilling your oil well, checking your air filters, and more. You should be getting an oil change approximately every 3,000 miles; with some cars not requiring a change until you’ve hit 5,000 miles.

Transmission flushes are necessary because sludge and dirt get inside of your transmission and start building up in the fluid. We can flush the system and replace your fluid with clean fluid so that your vehicle will shift gears as it should.

Wheel Alignment Service

Why would you need a tire alignment? Living in SW Calgary, we experience some rough roads, especially if you live in a more rural part of this region. Potholes and other road issues can cause your tires to get out of alignment. You may also need a car alignment when you get new tires.

If your tires are not aligned properly, your tires are going to wear out unevenly, which means you’ll be more likely to have a blowout or some other accident due to your tires. It also puts undue stress on your car’s suspension, which can be expensive to repair.

We can inspect your car’s tires, take care of rotating them, and take care of wheel alignment services.

Brake Services

Our team at Shawnee Station Automotive NAPA Autopro also takes care of brake repairs. Your brakes are essential for the safety of your family while you’re in the vehicle, and they have a number of moving parts that need to be considered.

If you notice that your brakes are squealing or that they’re taking longer to stop your vehicle, it may be time for you to consider brake repair. We can do a full inspection and repair any part of your brakes, including the pads, the rotors, lines, and calipers. We can also flush the system and replace your brake fluid, which should be done about every 2 years.

Our team at Shawnee Station Automotive NAPA Autopro is here to serve you! Contact us today for an appointment or walk in and we’ll make sure that your car is in the best and safest condition it can be in!